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Tickets are no longer available for:

September 18/ — The Houston Jazz Festival


There will be a limited amount of tickets available at the box office on the night of each performance starting at 6:30 PM.

Online Ticket Availability Dates

These are the dates that tickets will be available starting at 9 AM.  These are not performance dates.


September 22 – WindSync Presents Carnival of The Animals, September 24 Performance

September 23 – Foundation for Modern Music Presents Salsa y Salud, September 25 Performance

September 29 – Society For The Performing Arts Presents Nella, September 1 Performance

October 5 – Festival Chicano, October 7 Performance

October 6 — Festival Chicano, October 8 Performance

October 7 – Festival Chicano, October 9 Performance

October 13 – Tuba Skinny, October 15 Performance

October 14 – Institute of Hispanic Culture Presents Dia de la Hispanidad, October 16 Performance

October 21 – Dance of Asian America Presents Asia To The World, October 23 Performance

October 28 – FLAS Presents Calavera con Calavera, October 30 Performance

November 4 – Texas Folklife Presents Accordion Kings & Queens, November 6 Performance

November 10 – Doctor Nativo, November 12 Performance

Remember the Miller Two-Step:

Step #1: Tickets are available online starting two days prior to the event. Seating is limited, so plan early!
Step #2: Mask up at Miller! Masks are strongly encouraged for all attendees.
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