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    • You cannot request tickets via email
  • Tickets are available on this page one day prior the the performance starting at 10:00 a.m. through noon the day of the performance.
  • Just choose your desired performance from the list below and then hit the “choose your own seats” button, and it will take you to the map to select your seats!
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  • For assistance call 832-487-7123 or email us at [email protected] YOU CANNOT REQUEST TICKETS VIA EMAIL
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  • For help with handicap accessible seating, call the box office in advance. 832-487-7123. You cannot request these tickets via email
  • Please be in your seat by ten minutes before showtime as all unclaimed seats are released to the waiting public at five minutes after the show starts or at managers discretion.
  • We reserve a limited number of tickets available for pick up from the box office which opens an hour before the show starts.




Online Ticket Availability Dates




ROCO In Concert, Performance September 29 — Ticket Availability September 28

Salsa y Salud, Performance September 30 — Ticket Availability September 29

Festival Chicano, Performance October 5 — Ticket Availability October 4

Festival Chicano, Performance October 6 — Ticket Availability October 5

Festival Chicano, Performance October 7 — Ticket Availability October 6

Dia de la Hispanidad, Performance October 13 — Ticket Availability October 12

Los Lobos, Performance October 14 — Ticket Availability October 13

Reggae Vibration, Performance October 20 — Ticket Availability October 19

DAA Asia To The World, Performance October 21 — Ticket Availability October 20

Calavera con Calavera, Performance October 27 — Ticket Availability October 26

Houston Chamber Choir, City of Stars, Performance October 28 — Ticket Availability October 27

Cirque Mechanics, Performance November 3 – Ticket Availability November 2

Beijing Dance Theatre, Performance November 4 — Ticket Availability November 3

Bella Gaia & Earth Harp, Performance November 11 — Ticket Availability November 10