Renting Miller Outdoor Theatre!!

Yes! Qualified event producers may apply to rent the Miller Outdoor Theatre if and when dates are available during the performing season.

Keep reading for rental guidelines, costs, and application!


Like all performances at Miller Outdoor Theatre, an application must be submitted for approval by
the Miller Theatre Advisory Board Program Committee.  You can find that link at the bottom of this page.


    • All performances must be FREE and open to the public
          • Tickets cannot be sold to recoup the cost of your rental


    • All performances must be family friendly


    • Only applications for professional quality full-length performances will be considered:
        • Music
        • Theatre
        • Dance
        • Presentations of contemporary or classic film


    • The Program Committee favors programs that are different than those produced/presented by our Grantee Organizations


    • Priority regarding dates will be given to our non-profit grantee organizations
          • If possible provide small selection of dates
          • If you are a non-profit cultural or performing arts organization and would like to apply for a grant to perform at MOT, please click here


    • Programs whose primary purpose is religious or political will not be considered


    • No evening performance can begin before 6:00 PM


    • No festival components (booths selling food, drink, or merchandise) will be permitted


    • QUALITY is the foremost consideration inn selecting performances for the MOT Stage.
      All performances must be professional caliber.


    • DIVERSITY – MOT is committed to serving the many diverse communities of Houston and looks for programs with cross-over, multi-cultural, and multi-generational in appeal.


    • BROAD APPEAL – Performances must have broad, popular appeal. MOT will select performances which will attract a sizeable audience and support cultural tourism.
      • However, if you anticipate an audience larger than 6,000, your performance might be more suitable for a larger venue than MOT.


    • ACCOUNTABILITY – All rental applicants must follow sound business practices, follow the rules and regulations of the theatre facility and Hermann Park, and adhere to all of the terms and conditions of the Theatre License Agreement.


    • Applicants in violations of the agreement and regulations will NOT be eligible to rent the facility in the future


There are numerous costs associated with renting Miller Outdoor Theatre


    • All events at Miller Outdoor Theatre must be presented free of charge to the public.               
            • If you need to charge admission to offset the costs of your production, MOT is not the right venue for you.ESTIMATED COSTS – We cannot provide exact cost estimates until you provide VERY detailed information about your proposed program. The average cost to rent MOT is $12,000 per day or more PLUS the cost of insurance.
            • A minimum total of $3,250,000 in insurance is required as outlined below.


        • Rental fees for the MOT facilities are:
              • $1,500 for a for-profit/commercial organization or individual OR
              • $800 for a non-profit organization (you must provide the IRS determination letter as proof of status)
              • ½ of the fee will required for all additional rehearsal and tech days.
              • This is just the cost of the facility.  Additional costs are detailed below.


        • CREW –All events at MOT require the use of the Miller Theatre professional stage crew.
              • Costs of the crew will be determined based on the type of event and time in the facility.


        • STAGE MANAGER – All performances at MOT require a professional stage manager.


        • SECURITY – All events at MOT require security personnel as determined by the Facility General Manger.
              • The number of security personnel is based on projected attendance
              • The Facility General Manager will make the arrangements for the security personnel


        • USHERS – All events at MOT require the use of Professional Ushers, as approved by the Facility General Manager.     Volunteer ushers are NOT allowed.
              • The Facility General Manager will make the arrangements for the ushers.


        • TICKETS – All evening events at MOT require tickets for the assigned seating section (The HILL is always open seating).
              • MOT will provide the tickets at a cost not to exceed $150 to the renting organization/individual.
              • Tickets CANNOT be sold to recoup your costs.


        • INSURANCE – All producers must provide insurance (at least $3,250,000 total) to perform at MOT as outlined below:
              • Commercial General Liability Insurance for bodily injury, death, or property damage occurring in or upon or resulting from the theatre of no less than $600,000 per occurrence and $1,000,000 aggregate. Please see the rental application for further information.
              • Workers Compensation and Employers Liability at $500,000 Bodily injury for each accident
              • Disease Limits of $1,000,000 per policy and $50,000 per employee
              • Business Automobile coverage to include owned, hired, and non-owned vehicles with a combined single limit of $1,000,000
              • The City of Houston and the Miller Theatre Advisory Board must be named as “Additional Insureds” on Licensee’s Policies, excepting Workers Compensation, without any restrictive modifications
              • For more information, please see the rental application a the bottom of this page


        • ESTIMATED COSTS – We cannot provide exact cost estimates until you provide VERY detailed information about your proposed program. The average cost to rent MOT is  approximately $12,000 (with insurance) per day or more, depending on the production.


      • DEPOSIT – A deposit covering projected expenses and proof of Insurance is required in advance along with an executed Theatre License Agreement.
          • If actual expenses are less than deposited, you will receive a refund for the difference.
          • If actual expenses are more than projected, you are required to pay the difference within 60 days from receipt of the Rental Summary Statement.
          • Non-payment or late payments may jeopardize your future rental of MOT.




All requests to rent Miller Outdoor Theatre must be made in writing and sent to the Miller Theatre Advisory Board.


You can download the application below:

Theatre Rental Application in Adobe PDF format.

All applications are subject to approval from the Miller Theatre Advisory Board.  Please read the Guidelines, Core Values, and Costs sections above.


Please return application to:

Cissy Segall Davis, Managing Director
Miller Theatre Advisory Board
P.O. Box 66267
Houston, TX 77266-6267

By e-mail: [email protected]
By fax: 713-942-0863