Beijing Dance Theater:
Three Poems

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A breathtaking contemporary ballet by Wang Yuanyuan exploring themes such as  innocence and the meaning of love. Noted around the world for their unique style and modern aesthetics, this performance in three parts is sure to wow audiences of all ages.

Humankind has long searched for a spiritual home, a place to rest our souls. Without this spiritual homesickness, we are lost in the corporeal. Despite our best intentions to examine life from the perspective of beauty and to critique the world with our experience. We need to re-consider where our spiritual guide originates.

These three works are bring together the most representative contemporary ballet repertoire of Ms. Wang Yuanyuan over the past 15 years, bringing to life the creative and emotional arc of the time. Together they describe an artistic curve with surprising consistency: disparate themes coalesce through the gravity of strong emotion; the works lead the audience to experience the hidden but unclouded essence of life, its ceaseless energy and emotional core.

Founded in 2008 by choreographer Wang Yuanyuan, producer Han Jiang, and visual artist Tan Shaoyuan, the Beijing Dance Theater (BDT) is the only privately run Chinese dance company that combines contemporary ballet and modern dance. Since its inception, the BDT has been noted around the world for its unique styles and brand-new aesthetics, becoming a benchmark of contemporary dance. With many of its works staged in major venues around the world, the BDT has enjoyed an unmatched international reputation, and has been called one of the world’s most valuable dance companies.

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Saturday, November 4, 2023
7:00 pm (2h)