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Note: This is a virtual performance. No audience will be in attendance.

FLAS joins Grupo de Teatro Índigo (Indigo Theater Group) to present their annual Day of the Dead play, “Calavera con Calavera” (Skulls); an original piece written by co-founder, Eddie Gonzalez. This performance at Miller Outdoor Theater will make history being the first local theater group with Latino immigrant members to present an all-Spanish play (With English subtitles).

It is Day of the Dead, and the Burgos Family is getting ready to celebrate this important date. It is a yearly tradition in Hacienda Calvario where they get together to celebrate. As they share how this celebration has been of great value in their lives, they also explain the meaning of every element presented; why altars are made, what objects can decorate them, the food that is eaten, why it is important to have candles, the traditional “calaveritas” (verses that rhyme). La Catrina (Death) roams around, reminding us that life is beautiful, and we need to take advantage of it.

Where do we go after we die? That is the main question each character asks. It’s a story between life and death where the ending will surprise the audience.

Every year Grupo de Teatro Índigo adds new elements to the production to keep surprising their returning audience, even though the story remains the same. This year won’t be different!

This performance is filled with musical numbers of traditional Mexican songs and dances, accompanied by UH-D mariachi and Danza Chikawa.

In 2019 Houston’s Mayor, Sylvester Turner, presented a proclamation making November 3rd Calavera con Calavera Day in our city. The Government of Mexico recognized it by making it part of the Semana Global (World Wide Week) to represent Houston, along with other Day of the Dead events around the world, and the General Consulate of Mexico in Houston gave full support, due to the highly cultural content representing Mexico.

The Honorable Consul of Mexico in Houston, Alicia Kerber, has also made Calavera con Calvera 2020 part of the events to represent their 100 hundred anniversary of the Mexican consulate in Houston.

Fundacion Latino Americana de Accion Social (FLAS) mission is to create a healthier environment for members of the Latino Community. FLAS has become the voice of the Latino Community by dedicating and educating others regarding AIDS and other preventable diseases that have become a serious public health issue. The key to their success has been working closely with other non-profits, local, state, and federal government agencies; and with the following Consulates: México, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Perú and Colombia.

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Friday, October 30, 2020
7:30 pm (2h)