Legends Of The Chinese New Year
Produced by Dance Of Asian America
And Express Children’s Theatre

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Comprised of two acts: “The Legend Of The Lunar Festival” and “The Legend Of The Lantern Festival” this performance dramatizes the mythical origins of the Chinese New Year. Featuring Actors, Dancers, colorful costumes, brilliant music, and visual effects. Great for the whole family!

“The Legend of the Lunar Festival” tells the mythical struggle of the inhabitants of a small village in Ancient China who struggle to ward off a spirited monster until they finally heed the advice of a wise child. Elements of this legend have become an integral part of the Lunar Festival that marks the beginning Chinese New Year.

“The Legend of The Lantern Festival” tells the exploits of a mischievous woodland fairy who plays one trick too many and endangers an entire village, until she figures out a trick using Lanterns that just might save them all. Elements of this legend have become an integral part of the Lantern Festival that marks the final day of Chinese New Year.

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Saturday, May 6, 2023
8:15 pm (2h)