Miller Outdoor Theatre
Summer Mixtape

Tickets will be available here starting July 27th at 9:00 AM!!

The Saturday, July 31 performance of this series will be livestreamed. You can choose to watch it on our website here, our YouTube Channel here, or Facebook here

The Miller Summer Mixtape series is a 3-day, multi-genre, independent music showcase featuring Houston’s top local acts. From Jazz to Punk, Reggae to Country, and Indie Rock to pop, music lovers are invited to enjoy their favorite local artists on the Hill under the stars or from the seats!

Tonight’s performance will feature Dende, Everlasting Vibez, King Baby Familia, and projection artist Input Output!

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Dende is a 26 year old singer, rapper, producer, & instrumentalist from Katy, Texas. His sound is a mixture of the r&B,Hip-hop, and alternative music that he listened to growing up molding into his own. Dende’s main message in his music is to spread love and be your most authentic self no matter what. His newest album, A Happy Man, is filled with songs of love and struggles of being a “Happy” man.


King Baby Familia

Formed in 2016 in Houston, TX, King Baby Familia has quickly made a name for themselves playing stages across America. With a completely original sound and mind blowing memorable performances, KBF is a talented group of musicians who are quickly on their way to becoming an international act and saving HipHop as we know it one day at a time. Those unfamiliar with King Baby Familia will immediately recognize the influence of HipHop and Reggae in their expertly blended bass, guitar, and keys while their experienced drummer keeps an always steady beat. An enigmatic singer with a smooth and original vocal style makes King Baby a live performance that audiences are sure to remember.


Everlasting Vibez

The Everlasting Vibez (TELV) is a collective composed of producers, instrumentalists and artists; Amaru TMN, Bee Honey, Big Brandon Willis, Dannie Walker, Ichikara Valdez,Jarvis Hooper, M3cca, Rokmore and Sha”Na “Shay” Smith. Since the group’s emergence in 2020 they have captured the very essence of combining jazz, hip hop, R&B, and soul to create a sound that highlights the skills crafted over years with the raw experimentation of Houston culture. All with diverse artistic backgrounds and areas of expertise, TELV has been able to master a unique yet cohesive sound that’s enhanced every artist they’ve worked with. This is not a band with a front man, but truly a collective of passionate people brought together to uplift one another using their individual gifts. It is the collaborators hope and intention to entice listeners’ ear with every note while exhibiting the power of collective work and effort. Keep up with The Everlasting Vibez (TELV) on Instagram @TheEverlastingVibez.


Input Output

Input Output is a creative media lab comprised of Billy Baccam and Alex Ramos. They bring inanimate structures and spaces to life by combining art, science, technology, and architecture with the creative implementation of light and sound. Each bring innovative approaches along with unique human experiences that shape their artistic process. Together, they aim to make their mark on Houston and beyond by partnering with artists, institutions, and events such as Dream Machine, The Health Museum, Art Car Ball, Nuit Blanche, HUE Mural Festival, and Seismique Museum among many others to provide unique and novel experiences for people to enjoy.









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The show goes on rain or shine.

All performances at Miller Outdoor Theatre are funded in part by the City of Houston through Houston Arts Alliance.

Thursday, July 29, 2021
8:30 pm (2h)