Smiles From Miller With Houston Jazz Festival

Smiles From Miller With Houston Jazz Festival

Today’s Smile’s From Miller reaches all the way back to last year! 2019 was the inaugural year for the Houston Jazz Festival produced by The Houston Jazz Collective, an organization that prides itself on showcasing the rich legacy of Jazz in Houston.

The festival featured native Houstonian Hubert Laws, an incomparable player who has not only mastered Jazz, but has a serious resume featuring operas and philharmonics as well.
Alongside Mr. Laws is the great Texas tenor saxophonist Shelly Carrol as well as Andre Hayward, Bobby Sparks, and Mark Simmons.

This was such an incredible show and we can’t wait to have them back this year!!

Remembering the good times!

Looking forward to better times!

Appreciating the arts at all times!



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